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Kammari Research Platform is an online platform for documentations, publication and debate of the research projects of the Kammari working group ( and Kammari Residency (

On this site there are four categories:

– Research articles: published articles of the research projects ongoing in the Kammari residency and its collaborators.

– Artistic interventions: information and presentations of contemporary art interventions that derive from or are connected to the ongoing Kammari research projects.

– Debates: Comments and forum discussion on the topics raised by the research projects.

– News: information and updates on the happenings, publications and progress of the research projects.

Contact the research group:

kammari (at) for general inquiries
sakari (at) for the residency, research projects and communication related issues
niklas (at) for research projects


Sakari and Niklas
Kammari Research Platform