The Phantom Limb -performance

The Phantom Limb -performance research project has started in July 2018.

The Phantom Limb performance springs out of Kammari research group’s larger research project of Technology as Ideology. In its initial phase it is a performance and a physical theatre concept about an everyday relationship with an algorithm. It explores and experiments on the emotional, psychological peculiarities as well as conscious and unconscious manipulations and hidden desires of this relation. It is also an investigation to the larger ideological shift towards seeing human experience as a calculable, scientific, purely bio-algorithmic phenomena and the social and emotional consequences of that mentality.

The project will start as a residency in the Buffer Fringe Festival, Nicosia in October 2018 and have an initial performance in the festival 1.-3. of November.

Page of the project:

Director and coordinator: Sakari Laurila

Contact: sakari (at)