Philosophies of Technology for Degrowth

The presentations documented here are recorded at the special academic session “Philosophies of Technology for Degrowth” at the 6th International Degrowth Conference in Malmö 21.-25.8.2018 ( The session was jointly organised by Pasi Heikkurinen, Toni Ruuska and Niklas Toivakainen. Moreover, the session and its presentations are not directly part of Kammari’s research project Technology as Ideology (with the exception of Niklas Toivakainen’s contribution), but each talk contains important notions and thoughts on the topic of technology.

Niklas Toivakainen (University of Helsinki/Kammari research project): Mapping the terrain: Reflections on the drive of techno-culture:

Alf Hornborg, Andreas Roos and Vasna Ramasar (Human Ecology Division, Lund University): Reversing the Industrial Revolution: Theorizing the distributive dimensions of energy transitions:

Karl Johan Bonnedahl (Umeå University, Sweden): Biology, technology and social innovation:

Toni Ruuska: Modern utopia with serious reservations: Karl Marx’s philosophy of technology:

Thomas Wallgren (University of Helsinki): Technology and modernity: