Technology as Ideology -project

Technology as Ideology -research project has started in June 2018.

Introduction – phase one:

The proposed project with its two workshops and conferences in 2018-2019 as well as the documentation of the work is meant to be a first phase — a mapping of a terrain — on the path to establishing a long-term and comprehensive research platform and network for the study and critical analysis of technology and its effects on human understanding, social and interpersonal relationships, politics, art, culture, the environment etc.

We feel that the issue of technology is at the same time one of the most influential factors forming our collective lives while it at same time is one of the least well understood phenomena and consequently one of the least well politicised ones. In this sense a technological ideology reigns more or less undisturbed in our times. Due to the immense epistemological, ontological, cultural as well as political challenges posed by modern technology, any effective and clear analysis and critique cannot hope to be established in any other fashion than as a long-term effort to pierce the many layers of confusion, ideology, fantasies, hopes and fears injected into the concept and practice of modern technology.

Main coordinators: Niklas Toivakainen & Sakari Laurila